Here is a list of the core services we offer. If you have some specific requirements
please contact us and we’ll see if we can tailor our service to suit these

Shredding Bag Service

shredding bags

This service is for customers either having a clear out every now and then, or have  secure location to store bags. Bags are clearly labelled ‘Confidential Waste’ and come with a security seal, following the BS EN 15713:2009 standard. These are called ‘bag4life’, which means every time we collect the bags we leave you with replacement bags and new seals. They also have a sorting guide.

Shredding Box Service

Archive boxes for destruction & recycling

This service is for customers who store their older documents in standard archive boxes. We can shred the contents of your boxes and recycle the cardboard. Boxes can be moved manually or by the pallet. We can also offer this service for unusual box sizes. Contact us for details

Shredding Console Service


This service is for customers requiring a regular service.
Consoles help keep the office nice and clear of documents which shouldn’t be lying around. They help meet GDPR compliance. The designated ‘data controller’ would normally be the key holder. 
The period for collections can be weekly, 4 weekly, or 8 weekly.
Consoles come in 2 sizes, ‘standard’ and ‘under the desk’.
Overflow bags can also be supplied for months where you have a mass clear out.

Shredding Pallets


We also shred by the pallet. Ideal for customers who store their documents this way and have a fork lift.

Shredding Pallet Tub Rental


With this service, we deliver 1 or more empty pallet tubs to your premises. You would then arrange for your staff to fill them over the next few weeks. Once full we would collect and shred the contents. Pallet tubs can be rented from a few days to a few months. They need to be stored in a secure dry area.
A fork lift is required for loading back onto our vehicle.