Our Shredding Machine

Our Shredding machine machine has been built by https://www.autobaler.co.uk/
Customer made conveyor, Axo Shredding Machine (with Shred-Tech® Cutting shafts). Anis Trend fully automatic baler.

Here’s what happens:- 

We collect your shredding in bags, boxes, consoles, pallet tubs and it is brought back to our secure facility*. The container is then completely emptied into the hopper where the conveyor takes it up and tips it into the shredding machine (it’s the green orange part of this machine). From here the shredded paper falls into the baler chamber where is then compressed using up to 60 tonnes of force into a paper bale. The bale is then tied with baling wire and stacked. Bales are sent to local British North West mills for recycling. For each tonne of paper we recycle around 14 trees are saved. All done under CCTV to BS EN 15713:2009 standard. ISO 9001:2015 to that standard.
All done under CCTV by BS7858 Vetted staff.

*With on-site shredding we send a shredding truck to your premises and shred there.